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Pink Chique was started by Stephanie Rae in 2006

When Stephanie was seven years old, she learned that she had scoliosis, an unnatural curvature of the spine that would grow much worse in the coming years.

She wore uncomfortable back braces through her childhood and teen years. In high school, her curvature reached an extraordinary 110 degrees.

Doctors were optimistic about corrective surgery, as her curvature was among the worst they had seen.
But through their skill and God's grace, Stephanie's curve was brought down to 41 degrees. 

Through her transformation Stephanie was able, at last, to pursue her dreams of acting and modeling.

During that time she experienced first-hand behind the scenes of being a Makeup Artist.
It was then that she realized that with her experience and what she had gone through, her true passion was to make women look and feel beautiful.
It became her way of sharing those wonderful feelings of transformation with other women and to make them glow from the inside out!

Thank you Zevely Zone & CBS News 8 for sharing Stephanie's story and the passion behind Pink Chique

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